01/11 4pm Seminar – Prof. Sung-Guk Yoon (Soongsil Univ.)

ECE Special Seminar: Sung-Guk Yoon (Soongsil University) – “Stackelberg-Game-Based Demand Response for At-Home Electric Vehicle Charging”

Smart grid is the recent momentum of replacing the aging power grid through combining the energy technology (ET) with the information and communication technology . In this talk, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging scheduling problem combined with demand repose will be discussed. Consumer electricity consumption can be controlled through electricity prices, which is called demand response. Under demand response, retailers determine their electricity prices, and customers respond accordingly with their electricity consumption levels. In particular, the demands of customers who own EVs are elastic with respect to price. The interaction between retailers and customers can be seen as a game because both attempt to maximize their own payoffs. This talk introduce a model for an at-home EV charging scenario as a Stackelberg game.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Sung-Guk Yoon received the BS and Ph.D. degrees from the Seoul National University, Korea in 2006 and 2012, respectively, in electrical engineering. From 2012 to 2014, he worked at the same university as a postdoctoral researcher. Since 2014, he has joined the Department of Electrical and Engineering of the Soongsil University as an Assistant Professor. His major research interests include next power grid, i.e., smart grid and communication networks for it.

Seminar Date: 2016.01.11. (MON)
Seminar Time: 16:00
Seminar Place: EB1 E207